Resilient Plan B

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The top 7 essentials of a resilient plan B

1. Country choice

A country that is less likely to be at war, has low population, low government debt and low corruption.

2. Climate

Food producing area with mild winters. Mediterranean climate is the most favorable.

3. Specific location

Safe distance from big cities and away from poverty areas. Preferably in a tourist destination region.

4. Food source

Currently working and profitable, well established organic farm on fertile land with plenty of water supply.


5. Shelter

Off-grid house with food storage and essential supplies located in a safe neighborhood.

6. Community

Friendly relationships in the community of people with diverse characteristics who are linked by social ties and share common perspectives.

7. Reserves

Precious metal reserves outside the banking system with easy access from your plan B location.


Looking for a plan B that is resilient?

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