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    • Calvin, I think It is important to have an attorney that is on your side! When I was looking to buy investment property in Chile, I had my own attorney, someone to look out for my interest. I was searching to buy retirement property in the Lakes area, closer to Patagonia. Found an awesome deal, everything looked great and the price was right. Then my lawyer discovered that it was in dispute with the Indigenous people on that land. He said that if we would not have caught that, I might have lots of trouble down the road. I don’t know if that applies in the area where this community is, but I think it’s worth checking that out.
    • Hello Calvin, You have great reasons to be concerned. My advice is to start looking if the land someone is promoting does actually belong to them or if they do have the right to sell it. One should not blindly trust the seller's lawyer but should hire an own attorney in order to do all the due diligence.   In our case, the property is fully paid for and has no encumbrances, but do not take my word for it! Do your own investigation or have an attorney do it for you! 
    • Hello Calvin, welcome to the forum!
    • Hi, I am new to the forum and to this website. I am very curious about your subdivision but I am even more skeptical. I read about Galt's Gulch and other similar projects in Chile on the internet and as far as I know, many people lost a lot of money. What can you tell me about that? How do I know that this is not another scam?
    • Hello, my name is Calvin and I am from Waterloo, near Omaha, Nebraska.