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Farmers Markets

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The farmers markets are near the top of our list of things we miss about Chile.  It's been about a month since we last did our grocery shopping at one in Santa Cruz.  The last day we went they were selling watermelon by the slice at the Saturday market, and I heard that someone found fresh strawberries at the Sunday market.  With Spring in South America now in full swing, we're wondering how the varieties and prices of fresh foods at the markets have changed?  

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Hello Elwez,

Yes, the farmers market has changed somewhat in the spring. Some prices on products like the bell peppers started to go down and some, like the apples, started to climb up.

And of course, with the new season, we see new produce. I think you guys left right before the great stuff started to appear.  Right now we enjoy lots of great asparagus at a $1.45 a big bundle. About 4 weeks ago we started having strawberries. First, they were at 1,700 CLP/kg, which is $1.12/pound and today I bought some at 750 CLP/kg, which is $0.49/pound. Within the last week, we bought more than 50 lbs of strawberries. We love to eat them while they are fresh and in season and freeze a lot for smoothies as well.

The watermelons are still by the slice and I think that will change only in a month or so....



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    • Calvin, I think It is important to have an attorney that is on your side! When I was looking to buy investment property in Chile, I had my own attorney, someone to look out for my interest. I was searching to buy retirement property in the Lakes area, closer to Patagonia. Found an awesome deal, everything looked great and the price was right. Then my lawyer discovered that it was in dispute with the Indigenous people on that land. He said that if we would not have caught that, I might have lots of trouble down the road. I don’t know if that applies in the area where this community is, but I think it’s worth checking that out.
    • Hello Calvin, You have great reasons to be concerned. My advice is to start looking if the land someone is promoting does actually belong to them or if they do have the right to sell it. One should not blindly trust the seller's lawyer but should hire an own attorney in order to do all the due diligence.   In our case, the property is fully paid for and has no encumbrances, but do not take my word for it! Do your own investigation or have an attorney do it for you! 
    • Hello Calvin, welcome to the forum!
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    • Hello, my name is Calvin and I am from Waterloo, near Omaha, Nebraska.