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Hello everyone.  I'm new to the forum, but not to the project.  My wife and I have purchased a lot in the neighborhood and plan to move into our new home in September of next year.  We had our first child in Santiago in July, and we just finished our requirements for permanent residency.  We just got back to the States from a long stay in Santa Cruz, but we've really fallen in love with the area and look forward to our return to the O'higgins Region.

I look forward to reading some of these posts...

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Hello Elwez, it's a bit strange to call you that, when I know your real name😉!

It was a pleasure to have you and your beautiful family close by and to get to know you better! We really enjoyed spending time with you guys and completely fell in love with your cute baby! 

It's great to see you here, on the forum....and to read your thoughts!

We will try to keep you posted on the progress of your house construction in this forum, so other people also may get to know the process.

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    • Hello Karen,
      YES! In fact, we do encourage planting trees, vineyards, and gardens. We do not want to micromanage your property as some other developments might do, but we do want every owner to plant trees or vineyards. After all, this is a sustainable community.
    • I was just on my lot in late September, walking the grounds with the project developers.  We walked through the plans my wife and I have in mind for the land, and altered them with their suggestions.  We are looking to make as much of the land as productive as possible.  We picked out over 50 fruit and nut trees, though we soon realized that we will need more than that.  Then we marked off about a quarter acre or so for a small organic vineyard.  Finally, we walked off about a 500 square foot plot for an initial garden for veggies and annual fruits.  We plan on doing a lot of canning for the winter months, so a lot of the garden will probably go towards that effort. So, short answer - you can do what you want.  It's your land.  Hopefully there will be some general neighborhood guidelines that discourage eye sores like junk cars on the land, but other than that, it's dealers choice.  I looked at another property in the O'Higgins region where the land was micromanaged by the neighborhood and very restrictive.  It was an enormous turn off.  I wouldn't have made my purchase if I was being told what I can and can't do with it in terms of what I could plant. Hope that helps...
    • As I already mentioned before, I do love to garden and since I am retired, I always eat from my own garden. Is that something you will allow in your subdivision? I think a community garden and aquaponics are amazing, and I do love to volunteer my time for that, but there is nothing as awesome as going outside your backyard door and getting the fresh herbs and veggies for your dinner salad.
    • Hello Elwez, Yes, the farmers market has changed somewhat in the spring. Some prices on products like the bell peppers started to go down and some, like the apples, started to climb up. And of course, with the new season, we see new produce. I think you guys left right before the great stuff started to appear.  Right now we enjoy lots of great asparagus at a $1.45 a big bundle. About 4 weeks ago we started having strawberries. First, they were at 1,700 CLP/kg, which is $1.12/pound and today I bought some at 750 CLP/kg, which is $0.49/pound. Within the last week, we bought more than 50 lbs of strawberries. We love to eat them while they are fresh and in season and freeze a lot for smoothies as well. The watermelons are still by the slice and I think that will change only in a month or so....  
    • The farmers markets are near the top of our list of things we miss about Chile.  It's been about a month since we last did our grocery shopping at one in Santa Cruz.  The last day we went they were selling watermelon by the slice at the Saturday market, and I heard that someone found fresh strawberries at the Sunday market.  With Spring in South America now in full swing, we're wondering how the varieties and prices of fresh foods at the markets have changed?