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The vision video is outstanding!

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I do not have any Idea how long it was there, and I had not watched is but WOW what a great video production. I had to watch it four times just to make sure I did not miss the message bar. This will be your calling card to the world for what you are doing. The music was also outstanding and powerful. This culmination of sight, sound, and message, really grabbed my attention. Very POWERFUL way to get your message out there. Nicely Done! With very best regards, Steve FitzGerald 01-18-2018


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Thank you for your kind words, Steve. The video was there from the beginning, I guess we might have positioned it too low on the page.

We appreciate you sharing it with your friends and family.

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    • Hello Dylan66, Yes, we will do updates regularly soon. For now, we had more of paperwork to get done, and we put part of the roads in. Also, we imported the equipment for metal frame manufacturing from Australia and delivered it to the property. It is operational now. As soon as more of the active part will begin we will post updates regularly on the website.
    • Elwez, thank you so much for all the information! That was quite brave what you did! I am not ready to do the next step yet but thank you for your offer.  I will stop by the development on my next visit to Chile. Meanwhile, I will continue observing this site, do you know if they will have some progress updates? I would love to see some pictures, to see what is going on...
      Do you know at what stage the subdivision is at?
    • @Dylan66 - The money issue is an obstacle.  You can't have a queasy stomach and buy land in Chile.  I flew my money in, which is scary until you understand the laws and understand your rights.  Have the withdraw receipt from your bank, and then declare it to the TSA in the U.S. and upon arrival in Chile.    They will take you to a back room at the airport, count it and document it.  I remember being incredibly nervous about it, and when it was all over thinking to myself "That's it?" You can find lawyers in Chile that you can trust.  It takes some ground work but they are there.  I can recommend a lawyer, who is the son of the immigration guy I am working with to get my permanent Visa.   He has done work for other expats, and everyone who uses him swears by him.  If you ask Rufina, she has my personal contact info.  I'd be happy to talk to you on the phone if you have any questions.  
    • The biggest obstacle for me was the money transfer. They do not have title companies, like in the United States. The buying and selling transaction is handled between lawyers.  You can not open a bank account in Chile until you become a permanent resident. That means, you will need to either fly in with cash into the country, which is so risky to me or you need to trust your lawyer with a big amount. I don't know how other people do it, but both options made my stomach queasy!
    • @Elwez, thats cool! Thank you for the info! @Dylan66 what do you mean? What kind of obstacles?