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Getting Serious, request for inclusion and investment

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Resilient Plan B,              

D, Founder of Taste of Colchagua Gated community in Chile.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         01/12/2018

Dear D,

Thank you for responding to my request for information. May I have a look your lot layout with elevation, acreage, and Identification where the Community Clubhouse will be? I would like to be one of the first to purchase a lot in Resilient Plan B in the O’Higgins Region, Chile, in the gated community of Taste of Colchagua. I am looking for high ground where I can put in a basement and have a fantastic view of the surrounding area. I would be interested in purchasing one of the first lots before the announcement of the early bird special to get the best possible price. I will be going with the Dome home construction with the lower level being a walkout basement.

Before I come inspect the property, and confirm the legality of the purchase, I want to get a preliminary agreement on the lot of my choice and discuss how I may be able to work with you as a full time resident and investor. I am personally looking at this opportunity as my plan A.  Should we reach an agreement on the property and how I might fit into the management of this and potential future communities, then I would like to visit the area to confirm the location, and the area to be sure this is where I wish to spend the rest of my life. At 58, this will be our last relocation.

I am looking forward to putting all my knowledge to work in making this, and future communities around the world work. If you have no interest in me working with you on this project, I will be working on a similar project in Western Kansas. There is little of nothing to do there. It is not a tourist attraction by any stretch of the imagination. The only entertainment is to watch the wheat grow and the wind turbines spin. I am also interested in converting dry farm land into solar farms.

My mother’s family grew up there on a farm about seven miles to the Northeast of Cimarron, Kansas. She owns 80 acres to be split between my sister and I. We can start anytime we like. My Aunts and my only surviving Uncle own a significant amount of property in the area, some of which also will come to us.

I have has this burning desire to create a green community of self-sufficiency for my family since I was a teenager, and I am not getting any younger.

My biggest concerns locating in Kansas is it will be ground ZERO for an EMP strike against the USA as a nuclear warhead detonated 200 miles above Kansas, would knock out electric power in this country from which it may never recover.

I am looking forward to discussing this with you in detail. With very best regards, Steve FitzGerald

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Hello Steve,

I am glad to see that our project inspires other like-minded people that are passionate about creating a green community for self-sufficient living. I am open and looking forward to discussing this with you in more details. There are many opportunities in our project for a qualified person to get involved in.

From now on I would prefer to take this conversation off the public forum. Let's get in touch by email.

Thanks for your inquiry.

D Koshuba

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    • No, I have not had any problems from the Chilean side of the import. The delay is because of the lock downs in the countries we order from. Many can not come out to work, and many are understaffed..... The whole chain is broken, and everyone needs more time to finish a task.
    • Is the reason for the delay because Chile is now strict with import?
    • You are right. Personally, it did not affect us much. We do miss going out for dinner or go to Santiago to watch a movie, but oh well, that is not a huge loss. Did it affect the project? Definitely! Many containers that we were supposed to get from China and Europe have been delayed a lot. Some have already arrived, but some are still not here.
    • So it seems that the coronavirus did not affect you guys much. Did it change or affect the project?
    • No, most restaurants are closed. There are some open, but no sit-in dining is available. You can order and take it with you. Some restaurants offer deliveries as well.