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On 12/19/2017 at 8:49 AM, said:

Would you have any objection to using a monolithic Dome Home...?

I would like all to comment please.

This is pretty amazing looking. When I think of dome homes, the geodesic design pops into my head. I've seen some that made nice cabins, but nothing truly elegant. But this place looks fantastic. It's the first time I've seen something like this and thought, "Yeah, I could live in something like that".

We love spending time out on our patio. It would be interesting coming up with a design that would offer a large patio area and maintain the same lines and elegance, or at least not detract from the feel of the place.

Of course, first line of construction here is whether it will handle the earthquakes. I'd be interested in learning more about how they compare to reinforced stick frame and typical reinforced concrete like what is prevalent in construction here already.

Very nice. Thanks for the share and provoking thought.

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    • No, I have not had any problems from the Chilean side of the import. The delay is because of the lock downs in the countries we order from. Many can not come out to work, and many are understaffed..... The whole chain is broken, and everyone needs more time to finish a task.
    • Is the reason for the delay because Chile is now strict with import?
    • You are right. Personally, it did not affect us much. We do miss going out for dinner or go to Santiago to watch a movie, but oh well, that is not a huge loss.
      Did it affect the project? Definitely! Many containers that we were supposed to get from China and Europe have been delayed a lot. Some have already arrived, but some are still not here.
    • So it seems that the coronavirus did not affect you guys much. Did it change or affect the project?
    • No, most restaurants are closed. There are some open, but no sit-in dining is available. You can order and take it with you. Some restaurants offer deliveries as well.