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How did I miss this?

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It's great to see this project. Having been interested in Chile for almost a decade and permaculture and regenerative agriculture for almost as long, I am surprised I didn't find you guys earlier.

We arrived in Chile almost two years ago. Our first 7 months we were in Olmué, then moved just north of Concón.

Recently I started looking at other rental possibilities and somewhere saw a link to this site. It's very intriguing. I work online, so we can live anywhere that I can get internet. The flexibility is nice.

A few years ago I took the permaculture course with Warren Brush, as well as some watershed management courses with Craig Sponholtz and Brad Lancaster. I was able to take the Regrarians REX10 training with Darren Doherty a few years ago too. Unfortunately, I have yet to put a lot of this into practice, so it's largely head knowledge without experience. But it has given me a vision that I hope to be able to pursue vigorously within the next couple of years.

I drew up a proposal for something similar to this project a few years ago as well. It was less focused on personal housing and more focused on providing an education for poor kids in a regenerative setting. The idea is to have a school that is funded by the property so that donations, and especially tuition, aren't needed. It included a few lots plus some rental cabins. Lots would be had by membership rather than deed, in order to avoid property sales taxes and all the challenges involved there in this country. The folks down in Valdivia are doing something like that, if I understand correctly.

It looks like the forums have been pretty quiet for the last year, but that you are moving along with your plans. Hopefully it'll all come together for you. I saw on the Fb page that some things are happening. What's the best way to catch up on where things stand?

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Hello Joe,

Welcome to the forum! It's great to have you join! Please feel free to post all your questions here in this forum and I will be happy to answer !

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Thanks Rufina,

This is cool. I really appreciate what you're doing.

Since I'm responding to so many old threads, my avatar keeps popping up in the recent posts. I figured I should introduce Jethro el Gordito, my year old Great Dane and one of my best buds. He's pretty amazing, but a handful too. Yeah, it's a sad looking face, but he's a happy hunky scrapper.

Here he is with wifey and her fella, Capitán Jack Sparrow.

w mama y Jack.jpeg

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hello, everyone,nice to meet you

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    • No, I have not had any problems from the Chilean side of the import. The delay is because of the lock downs in the countries we order from. Many can not come out to work, and many are understaffed..... The whole chain is broken, and everyone needs more time to finish a task.
    • Is the reason for the delay because Chile is now strict with import?
    • You are right. Personally, it did not affect us much. We do miss going out for dinner or go to Santiago to watch a movie, but oh well, that is not a huge loss.
      Did it affect the project? Definitely! Many containers that we were supposed to get from China and Europe have been delayed a lot. Some have already arrived, but some are still not here.
    • So it seems that the coronavirus did not affect you guys much. Did it change or affect the project?
    • No, most restaurants are closed. There are some open, but no sit-in dining is available. You can order and take it with you. Some restaurants offer deliveries as well.