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  1. The green builders should use other insulation options and turn away from spray foam. You guys promoting green living, why not use the greener alternative?
  2. Thank you so much for the detailed post. Is it possible to post about something that the area has to offer? Thank you!
  3. An off the grid greenhouse is a very good idea. High prices of high-quality organic food reflect much more than the cost of growing. A large portion of it is shipping, transportation, and energy costs as well as distribution markups. An off the grid greenhouse set up cancels out all of those unnecessary expenses. And this becomes truly an "eat local" deal.
  4. I visited Napa Valley many times. Love that area and the weather!
  5. I've heard that sturgeon are good for aquaponics. Too bad it takes so many years to get caviar.
  6. What about the feed for fish in the aquaponics system? Are you going to use only organic products?
  7. Will the produce from the farm be organic and non-GMO?