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  1. I think that HOA is important, assuming they are not harassing the property owners. Well run HOA helps to keep up the value of the property. Also, they are good for the sense of community and neighborly respect.
  2. Will Home Owners Association require to keep the property taken care of?
  3. Does the property owner have to take care of waste removal himself or is there garbage service from the city? Or does the subdivision caring for that? How will that work and how much will it cost?
  4. Thank you for your answer Rufina. I went on YouTube and watched many videos about the chicken caravan. It’s a fascinating way of raising chickens; it’s very educational. I loved how the eggs stay clean, and the whole process has logic and order.
  5. Vacation rental management may bring some income for the subdivision if that area attracts tourism. Income from sales of pastured eggs? Not sure how that will work. Won't it only increase overhead cost? Of course, it's good to have organically grown pastured eggs for the residents there. I am just trying to see if this is economically possible to set up everything in the way that property owners will not have to pay any fees and use products from the farm for free.
  6. I read a few posts and it seems like you plan to have the income from aquaponics cover all labor cost on the farm. Are there any other streams of revenue planned in case aquaponics underperforms?
  7. No HOA fees?! Are there any other fees?
  8. Hi from Pittsburgh, PA !!!