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  1. Steve, I am glad to hear that your meeting went well. On airlines, just look for options on Travelocity. In most cases, they gave us the best deals. When flying to Chile from the USA, we usually stopped in Atlanta. I know that there are also direct flights from Maimi, Houston, and LA. Prices from the States are generally higher than from Europe. I liked the nonstop flight from Paris, and it was considerably less than from the US. Regarding what airline... never pay attention to that, whatever option is better. Best regards, Rufina
  2. Hello Steve, Currently, we are not disclosing the location of the project. We want to wait until more is developed and we are ready to launch the sale. Of course, if someone is already in Chile and wants to check out the property, as some have already done, they can contact us by email and we can coordinate a showing
  3. From a highway, you will have to take a smaller paved road and drive about 4 kilometers. After that 300-400 meters of dirt road until you enter the property. The section from the highway was just paved in December 2017. We are very happy about it because before it was a dirt road in bad condition.
  4. Sophia, sorry, I have overlooked your last question somehow. Regarding shipping your auto to Chile. I do not have personal experience to give you qualified advice. However, based on the research that we have done, it is too complicated and costly to do it. The prices here are about the same on some cars and for some, slightly higher. Just save your time and energy, you will be able to find plenty of options here. Prices on cheap vehicles in Chile are overall higher. In the US you will have much more options. If you are buying something for let's say USD 10K and higher, you will be ok. Be careful and have someone to assist you. Most cars will have their odometer adjusted to get a better price. Stay away from any red trucks, those are used in mining here, and after a few years, they try to dump those to the market. Just make sure you have a trusted mechanic help you with your purchase. Hope this will help, good luck.
  5. Size of lots

    Dear Anna B, I know that you have asked that question a while ago but, now that we have finalized the subdividing process and the deeds are recorded, I am allowed to disclose the sizes of the lots. All of the lot sizes are exactly the same. They are 5,000 Sqm which is equal to 1,24 ac. This is a typical size in Chile outside the city limits. The lots include an easement for the community road.
  6. Hello everybody!

    Yeah, that area became a sad place to be. A lot of people are moving away from there.
  7. Type of fish

    Steve, that actually is the plan. To use the tank under the greenhouse and geothermal heat pump to warm the water in the system. This is the most efficient and cost-effective way, in our opinion, that we were able to find at this time.
  8. I also have Memrise downloaded and used it a bit. However, I do prefer "Pimsleur Approach." With that program, you get audio discs where you listen and repeat. But it is not just repeating vocabularies; they mimic the way a child would learn to speak. Their way is a very natural way for your brain to learn a new language. It only takes 30 minutes a day, and I really like that I can do that while driving, cooking or cleaning. Check out this video.
  9. Sophia, number one what you should bring here, something that is more valuable than any furniture you can ship is language. To speak Spanish would be the most I would work on when preparing to move to Chile. I do speak 3 languages, but when it comes to Spanish, I have to take my interpreter with me to get important things done. It's quite inconvenient!
  10. Current food production

    The previous owner had a couple hundred sheep and a few cows and horses. We let him collect his crop of rye last year. This season nothing was planted. Currently, we are letting the neighbor keep his cows and horses on our property. The land should rest and get a bit fertilized.
  11. It is a very good idea to stay on top of things during the construction process.
  12. Price of lots

    All of the lot sizes are identical. They are 5,000 Sqm which is equal to 1,24 ac. The lots include an easement for the community road. There is no limit on how many lots you can buy. Please keep in mind that by Chilean law you are allowed to build 2 structures on the property. So, if you want to share one property with one of your family members, that would be possible.
  13. Based on the experience you have and your passion for sustainable communities, we think you are very well qualified!
  14. WATER

    Wow, this is an awesome library. Wealth of valuable information!
  15. WATER

    We are not saying that we have all of those things in place right now. We are working on it one at a time. We believe this is a good plan to follow and eventually, all of those components will be in place. Good people will come, community will be established and organic farm will be developed. The fact that the previous owner family lived on this property for over 40 years is a good indication that the water is drinkable. Isn't it?