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  1. No, I have not had any problems from the Chilean side of the import. The delay is because of the lock downs in the countries we order from. Many can not come out to work, and many are understaffed..... The whole chain is broken, and everyone needs more time to finish a task.
  2. You are right. Personally, it did not affect us much. We do miss going out for dinner or go to Santiago to watch a movie, but oh well, that is not a huge loss. Did it affect the project? Definitely! Many containers that we were supposed to get from China and Europe have been delayed a lot. Some have already arrived, but some are still not here.
  3. No, most restaurants are closed. There are some open, but no sit-in dining is available. You can order and take it with you. Some restaurants offer deliveries as well.
  4. Hello JBerg, The situation in Chile is very different, depending on the area you live in. Let's say if you are in the area of Santiago, which has a lot of people on a small amount of space, the official numbers are quite different than let's say in Santa Cruz. The majority of cases are in the big city. There they take pretty strict precautions. The greater Santiago was on complete lockdown for about two months. Only last week, they started to open a few areas in Santiago because, in those areas, the numbers started to improve. But until today, still, the majority of Santiago is closed. People are not allowed to leave their homes except when they obtain a permit. Each person is allowed two permits per week. Each permit is limited to a specific amount of time, depending on the reason for the permit. In Santa Cruz, on the other hand, the situation is completely different. There are no restrictions on how often someone can leave their house. You can go to stores and banks without limits. The biggest change in this area is that the stores close earlier, there is a limit on how many people can be in a bank/store at a time. This means that there are lines outside, and once you get inside, your temperature will be measured, and you will be made to use a disinfectant.
  5. Hello Amanda, Welcome to our site. Yes, to have a Plan B is becoming more and more important. I am glad you are taking steps to improve your live! Our project had a few hold ups with all the things going on in the world, but we are slowly picking it up again. Soon we will have more progress reports on what is happening at our project and more informative blog posts. Hope you can benefit from the information we are offering. If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the Forum.
  6. Hello Joe, Welcome to the forum! It's great to have you join! Please feel free to post all your questions here in this forum and I will be happy to answer !
  7. First, we have to complete the sale of the land and then start to build, no reservation of lots will be allowed. That way, money would be saved on taxes. Otherwise, 19% VAT would be charged to the total amount, land plus the building. You can hire us to build for you, build it yourself, or employ another builder, whatever you prefer, assuming that the house complies with the CC&R's. To give you a quote, we must know more about what you are looking to build and on what property. That is good that you have many questions, will try to answer all of them.
  8. Hello DK916, those are all very good questions! We will have an aquaponics that will produce more greens and herbs than a community of this size can consume. The size of the aquaponics system is calculated that it will provide all the personal consumption needs of the community and have much more for sale. All the products that are not consumed by the community will be sold, and the proceeds from the sales will be used to offset the cost of maintenance of the food production and common grounds like the Clubhouse. Our goal is to have no association fees. Everyone hates those. As to the distribution of the food that is produced in the subdivision. This is the rule. When you purchase a lot, you are entitled to a certain set percentage of the produce of the subdivision. You can take as much as needed for you and your family for personal consumption but not to exceed that percentage. You can not take more than is needed and sell it outside or share it with somebody. You have to understand. We are not promising to fulfill all of the food consumption needs of the residents. We would have something that people might appreciate having for free. Livestock would be limited to milk production, but we would not be able to supply everyone with meat. Same with chickens and eggs. Things that are in abundance (produce from aquaponics, fruits from trees), you can just go ahead and take it. For things that are in limited quantities, we will have a manager who will be in charge of distribution for those that will request it. At first, we will have a conscious approach. If we see that this will not work, we will have to put stricter regulations in place. Regarding Clubhouse fees, there would be none. We have ideas on how to provide that service at no cost to residents.
  9. Yes, it was a 6.3 earthquake. Quite bigger than usual. The epicenter was about 60 miles away from the property. Gladly we didn’t have a big impact at all. The house was shaking for about 30 seconds, but no things flying off the shelves or anything like that.
  10. Hello Karen, Yes, you are correct, it is currently wintertime here in Chile. And yes, I am glad to report that they do have farmers markets in Chile during winter. Here in Santa Cruz, Colchagua Valley, we have 3 farmers markets that I know of during the week. I would say that they are about the same size as in the summer time, but of course the veggies and fruits and the prices are different. Sometimes, when it rains on a farmers market day, you will find that about one third of the sellers do not show up. Currently we have lots of potatoes, onions, broccoli, cauliflower, bell peppers, carrots, radishes and still plenty of greens. I would say that I do not see a huge difference in the veggie department. Maybe a bit higher prices on bell peppers, no asparagus and the avocados do not taste as great as they did in summertime. The bigger difference is in the fruits. Of course we do not have strawberries or for that matter any other berries. But we have more apples,pears, oranges, lemons, pomegranates, persimmons, grapes, kiwis and such. And of course, the prices are still lower than you would find them in the States or Europe in wintertime or even the summertime. Persimmons and pomegranates are 1,000 CLP per kg, which is US$ 0.65/lb (at current exchange rate) Oranges and lemons are about 500 CLP per kg, which is US$ 0.33/lb (at current exchange rate) Apples and pears are about 400 CLP per kg, which is US$ 0.26/lb (at current exchange rate) I hope you will find this information helpful! I will attach a few pictures of this Saturdays farmers market!
  11. Hello Dylan66, Yes, we will do updates regularly soon. For now, we had more of paperwork to get done, and we put part of the roads in. Also, we imported the equipment for metal frame manufacturing from Australia and delivered it to the property. It is operational now. As soon as more of the active part will begin we will post updates regularly on the website.
  12. Hello Calvin, You have great reasons to be concerned. My advice is to start looking if the land someone is promoting does actually belong to them or if they do have the right to sell it. One should not blindly trust the seller's lawyer but should hire an own attorney in order to do all the due diligence. In our case, the property is fully paid for and has no encumbrances, but do not take my word for it! Do your own investigation or have an attorney do it for you!
  13. Hello Calvin, welcome to the forum!
  14. Hello Karen, YES! In fact, we do encourage planting trees, vineyards, and gardens. We do not want to micromanage your property as some other developments might do, but we do want every owner to plant trees or vineyards. After all, this is a sustainable community.
  15. Hello Elwez, Yes, the farmers market has changed somewhat in the spring. Some prices on products like the bell peppers started to go down and some, like the apples, started to climb up. And of course, with the new season, we see new produce. I think you guys left right before the great stuff started to appear. Right now we enjoy lots of great asparagus at a $1.45 a big bundle. About 4 weeks ago we started having strawberries. First, they were at 1,700 CLP/kg, which is $1.12/pound and today I bought some at 750 CLP/kg, which is $0.49/pound. Within the last week, we bought more than 50 lbs of strawberries. We love to eat them while they are fresh and in season and freeze a lot for smoothies as well. The watermelons are still by the slice and I think that will change only in a month or so....