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  1. HI eveyone!

    Hello MrFoster! Welcome to this Forum!
  2. Hello

    Welcome! I will be glad to answer all I can!
  3. Off the grid greenhouse

    Yes, usually greenhouses consume a lot of energy. However, there are many ways to lower the consumption need. I currently live in a house that is completely powered by solar panels, and we are even selling the surplus to the grid. For our heating needs, we are using a geothermal system. We use solar water heating panels to heat the water in the water heater. Similar systems will be used for the greenhouse. It is much more effective to control the temperature in the greenhouse by heating or cooling the water in the aquaponics beds using geothermal system vs. conventional ways of doing it. We would like to hear your ideas on how to build an off-grid greenhouse. Does anyone know any other effective ways to do it?
  4. Earthquake-proof house

    Even though I understand the concept in general, I am not able to explain the construction part in detail. I asked this to be addressed in the blog, and the answers are coming soon. While we are waiting for that, do any of you have any great ideas how to build an earthquake-proof house?
  5. Hello

    Welcome! Glad to see you joined the board!
  6. Hello from Texas

    Welcome Kevin, I see that you are from Texas and I hope the events in Houston area are not affecting you. Stay safe!
  7. While we are creating the Codes Covenants and Restrictions, we would love to hear your opinion on what you think is important to cover.
  8. ED007, I really appreciate your participation in this forum. You raised very important questions, and it is essential for us to get input from people with such an experience. Yes, I do agree that it is vital to establish the law of the land first and have the right structure in place from the beginning.
  9. No HOA fees?

    I guess it will take a few years until the farming is established and bring income. A tree doesn't grow over night. How long do you expect will it take until the project can pay for itself? Who is paying for the expenses in the meantime? This is a very good point; it takes a few years until farming is established and brings income. People should not expect that all of that will be done immediately. Yes, trees take years until they bear fruit, but in our plan, we do not rely on income from trees. They are for the benefit of the residents. Income from aquaponics and eggs should be established in one and a half to two years from now. The first year is to construct everything, and then it takes up to a year to cycle the eco-system in aquaponics and start receiving income. The developer will be responsible for all charges and labor until the subdivision can cover the cost to run itself. The purchasers of the lots will not be asked to participate in any way.
  10. HOA Rules

    Don't worry; we are working on a solution that will make that process very simple. The subdivision will provide the service, but there is no obligation for residents to use it. If someone finds a better deal, they are free to choose what they want as long as they keep the property in good condition. We want to make sure that the subdivision keeps its value. We think that the service provided by the subdivision will be very affordable. We will have a landscaping/service crew that will do the job working full time. If their schedule is not filled with landscaping services, we will use them for something else. That would be the subdivision manager's responsibility to coordinate all of those things. The property owners will have to discuss the scope of work with the manager, and they will be given an estimate. The crew would be able to cut the grass, trim trees, and take care of vineyards or any other work that is needed. The manager will have to make sure that the work is completed properly and provide the owner with the proof of service rendered (pictures or video) and the bill. The property owners advantage is that the goal of the subdivision management is not to make a lot of money off residents, but to cover the overhead. Any profit made would be accumulated in the community reserve fund and that way technically given back to the residents.
  11. Size of lots

    For all the details about the sale price, the size of properties, and the specific location please request more information on the main website. You will get a project information package and any available updates about our projects into your email immediately. Please submit questions about the general idea only in this forum. I am not authorized to discuss any specific details here in the forum.
  12. Type of fish

    Tilapia would be our top choice, especially for that climate.
  13. Aloha!

    Aloha ED007, welcome to the forum!
  14. Internet access

    It will not have cable, but wireless internet is available, and the signal is relatively strong.
  15. Weather

    It has a Mediterranean climate with longer summers and very mild winters. It is identical to Napa Valley weather.