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  1. Rufina

    Legitimacy of this project

    Hello Dylan66, Yes, we will do updates regularly soon. For now, we had more of paperwork to get done, and we put part of the roads in. Also, we imported the equipment for metal frame manufacturing from Australia and delivered it to the property. It is operational now. As soon as more of the active part will begin we will post updates regularly on the website.
  2. Rufina

    Legitimacy of this project

    Hello Calvin, You have great reasons to be concerned. My advice is to start looking if the land someone is promoting does actually belong to them or if they do have the right to sell it. One should not blindly trust the seller's lawyer but should hire an own attorney in order to do all the due diligence. In our case, the property is fully paid for and has no encumbrances, but do not take my word for it! Do your own investigation or have an attorney do it for you!
  3. Rufina


    Hello Calvin, welcome to the forum!
  4. Rufina


    Hello Karen, YES! In fact, we do encourage planting trees, vineyards, and gardens. We do not want to micromanage your property as some other developments might do, but we do want every owner to plant trees or vineyards. After all, this is a sustainable community.
  5. Rufina

    Farmers Markets

    Hello Elwez, Yes, the farmers market has changed somewhat in the spring. Some prices on products like the bell peppers started to go down and some, like the apples, started to climb up. And of course, with the new season, we see new produce. I think you guys left right before the great stuff started to appear. Right now we enjoy lots of great asparagus at a $1.45 a big bundle. About 4 weeks ago we started having strawberries. First, they were at 1,700 CLP/kg, which is $1.12/pound and today I bought some at 750 CLP/kg, which is $0.49/pound. Within the last week, we bought more than 50 lbs of strawberries. We love to eat them while they are fresh and in season and freeze a lot for smoothies as well. The watermelons are still by the slice and I think that will change only in a month or so....
  6. Rufina


    Hello Elwez, it's a bit strange to call you that, when I know your real name😉! It was a pleasure to have you and your beautiful family close by and to get to know you better! We really enjoyed spending time with you guys and completely fell in love with your cute baby! It's great to see you here, on the forum....and to read your thoughts! We will try to keep you posted on the progress of your house construction in this forum, so other people also may get to know the process.
  7. Rufina

    Job opportunity

    Currently, we have found a few people for construction work (and we are looking for more) but we are still looking for someone with permaculture experience. If you have a background in permacultural gardening and you are interested to work in a sustainable community, please contact us. We know you are out there. 🙂
  8. Hello Karen, welcome to the forum!
  9. ABSOLUTELY!!! We would love to have people like you in our neighborhood. I think working together is a great way to get to know your neighbors and build relationships. In my opinion, this is what a community is about!
  10. Rufina

    Job opportunity

    Hi Peter, we do not have our email address listed on the website to avoid automated spam. Please sign up for the info newsletter and you will receive an email from us. This way you can reply to our email. And if you do not want to receive our newsletter, you can always unsubscribe at any time.
  11. Rufina

    Tiny homes on wheels

    Yes, we will have a restriction on the minimum size of a house that you can build in this subdivision. We really don't want people to live in mobile homes or RVs. This is a more upscale neighborhood and the absolute minimum house should not be smaller than 500 sqft.
  12. Rufina

    Job opportunity

    Hello Peter! Yes, we still have jobs available. We are looking for people that have experience in construction and also for people who have experience in permaculture gardening.
  13. Rufina


    Hello Dylan and welcome to the forum!
  14. Rufina

    Hello from Santiago Chile

    Hello and welcome to the forum!
  15. Rufina

    Greetings from Alabama!

    Welcome to the forum GreenThumb! No, nothing in Alabama at this time!