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  1. Their outline of the project seems good! I don't see any imperfections yet, hard to tell without knowing all of the details. It is the price, right? I just checked, and the cost of EUR is 1.15 USD. At that exchange rate, you have $230K to $977K. That is for tiny houses, row houses to larger villas. I think that the opening point for a little home is pretty high.
  2. That is the problem with most homes in USA and Canada; they consume so much energy. To put it the other way, they waste too much.
  3. Steve, you are right, Resilient plan B goals are far more important than resale value. I was not referring to plan B house, I just shared my opinion why monolithic dome homes idea, in general, does not inspire more people to switch from the conventional type of houses. Because if you really think about this concept of building it has all of this positive sides, yet they are not popular. Why? Do you have the answer? What is the percentage of USA population that live in those houses? What stopped more people to choose monolithic homes vs. traditional type? There is a reason, and it would be beneficial to know it. In my post, I tried to come up with an answer to that. I think my comment that it is ugly was a bit harsh, but we are all different, and we like different things. You also may consider the same about something else, and that is ok. We can always agree to disagree. By the way, the house in the picture you shared looks very good.
  4. Monolithic Dome Homes have been around for a long time, yet they never became popular, and just a few people live in those. Here is my opinion why monolithic dome homes idea does not inspire more people to switch from the conventional type of houses. I understand all of the positive sides of these houses, efficiency and so on. Those are all undisputed facts. However, the most harmful factor for me in monolithic construction is their appearance. Sorry guys, I am just sharing what I think about it. In most cases, it looks ugly. Another one - not many contractors have the experience to build monolithic homes. Also, imagine the extra cost trying to make cabinets or find furniture for a house that does not have straight walls. When the time comes to sell one of those, it may become problematic. Not many people are familiar with it. A house like that would just sit on the market despite all of those positive sides. This is why I think we don't see this type of homes being built more. The market has spoken..
  5. Smartflower will provide enough energy for an average size home, assuming of course that you will use energy-efficient appliances and LED lights.
  6. Agree with Sam! You should publish your phone number on the website, but I understand your point too.
  7. Hey, Kyle, I am pretty sure that concrete is not the best thing to have in your house. Wood is much better for sure and more pleasant to walk upon. But how in the world that could be used as a thermal mass? The answer is no, wood or other materials like it will not give you much of thermal mass. Anyway, welcome to the forum.
  8. How much does it cost to build a septic tank system in Chile? Do they use same systems like in the USA?
  9. Usually temperature spikes during the day and drops during the night. The easiest and most affordable way to stabilize the temperature in the greenhouse is to use thermal mass. If you stack row of 55-gallon drums, filled with water on the north side of the greenhouse in direct sunlight it will work like a heat battery. During the day drums will absorb lots of heat and will release that heat slowly during the night. Water has the ability to hold much more heat than any other material. Plus it is very practical using water in drums. They could be removed or moved quickly. This method helps to manage free energy - sun On the other side, I don't know if you will need this because aquaponics system already has lots of water in fish tanks and growing containers. The whole system should hold a pool of water. Maybe that will be enough; I don;t know. Keep us posted how it goes.
  10. Will the subdivision have a central sanitary system or does everyone have to have their own septic?
  11. What would be the energy source in your off-grid houses? Solar? Wind? Or a combination of both?
  12. I want to share a very simple way to improve earthquake-proof properties of the house. Attach drywall and plywood/OSB with glue in addition to screws. Makes house so much stronger.
  13. Hi, I just signed up. Hoping to find some answers to questions that I have.