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  1. Dome Homes

    Steve, thank you for taking the time to answer. I like the idea of a dome home a lot. You are right; this type of a house will last a long time. I will try to search a bit how much local contractors would charge for something like that to build. Of course, if I can find someone that has an experience in building those homes. An idea of DIY is not very appealing to me. I would rather do what I am good at and let the pro do what they are trained to do.
  2. Inspired by ReGen Villages idea?

    Oh wow, didn't check this forum for a long time and didn't even expect an answer... There was no news from ReGen Villages for such a long time. Thanks, T Schmidt for posting this letter.
  3. Earth sheltered homes

    I am not sure if I would feel comfortable to live in an earth sheltered home. Monolithic built homes sound and look much better. In earth sheltered home, you might feel like you're living in the cellar. Obviously, there are several benefits of living in a home like this, but I guess its not for me.
  4. Dome Homes

    Today, finally I had more time to look at these monolithic buildings and watched several videos on Youtube. It seems like they cover more space with less material than any other type of construction. What is the cost to build those per sq feet, considering that not a lot of contractors are available to do the job?
  5. Inspired by ReGen Villages idea?

    I don't know what is going on with Regen Villages. They started so strong, been all over the internet, created a lot of buzz and then went silent. No updates about the progress on their website, Facebook or Twitter. If someone has any other information, please let us know.
  6. Dome Homes

    I checked the websites... It is a fascinating concept, need to look more into that, thanks.
  7. Off the grid greenhouse

    Placing drums on the north side of the greenhouse in Chile will not work, it has to be on the south side. Thanks for the post, that is right, it is simple and effective.
  8. A properly run and managed HOA can be a very good thing, and a poorly managed HOA can be a disaster. Many problems arise when homeowners stop attending HOA meetings. Often good people from neighborhood sit home and do nothing and sore losers get on board of directors and start terrorizing everyone.
  9. Earthquake-proof house

    Buildings in Chile better be made earthquake-proof. Could you please explain a little how this will be achieved in your construction.
  10. Off the grid greenhouse

    I have a question about the greenhouse. The way I understand you are building off the grid community. How will that work with a greenhouse? In your video, I can see that you will have solar panels on top of a greenhouse, but aquaponics requires lots of energy. I think that it will not be enough to run everything just on solar. Thanks in advance for your answer.
  11. What are the revenue streams on the farm?

    Tom, it seems that they are going to set up their own garbage service in the subdivision. Organic waste most likely will be used as a feed for chickens. And, here we go... less money spent for chicken feed; community makes money on trash, happy residents get their organic eggs, workers get paid.
  12. Garbage Service

    Sorting waste into different elements is an excellent idea. In self-sustainable subdivision like this one vast part of waste could be turned into valuable organic fertilizer. It could be used back on the property, improving the soil and increasing production of the farm.
  13. Inspired by ReGen Villages idea?

    Regen villages have a lovely idea in principle but wouldn't it be roasting in their houses in summer months? Might work only in cold climates.