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  1. OffGrid Thinker

    Update for the project

    Thanks, Rufina. Is it possible to share some pictures from the property? It would be nice to see how things are getting developed there.
  2. OffGrid Thinker

    Update for the project

    I would like to know what has been happening lately with this project. Occasionally I come back to this website to see how things are progressing. For the last few months very little activity on the board, no new blog posts delivered to my email. I hope this project is still happening. Please let us know! Thank you
  3. OffGrid Thinker

    Question about RV in the subdivision.

    sCarabane seems like a good self-sufficient temporary housing solution.
  4. Oh, my! What an act of stupidity... I am sure that at the next meeting the rate of attendance will be much higher. I always saw this as the problem in subdivisions. People do not show up and then some fools take over and come up with silly rules.
  5. OffGrid Thinker

    Security concern

    D Koshuba, I want to thank you for taking the time to share this post with us. I am following this very closely, hope things will go well with your project. Any bits of information is always appreciated.
  6. OffGrid Thinker

    Attractions in Colchagua Valley, Chile

    Wow, the area looks very nice! Rufina, thank you so much for sharing this.
  7. Rufina, I think this is a significant issue for a buyer. I don't want to invest money in a lovely home and have someone build a shack or container house right next to it. Hope this will be done right in your CCnR's.
  8. OffGrid Thinker

    Dome Homes

    Steve, you nailed it. Most people are not thinking about plan B. There is no point to convince them to do so, they never listen. They will only move to do something when there is a rush of others doing the same thing. They will try to get prepared when pretty much it is too late. Only a few are living a self-sufficient lifestyle and are not dependent on a flimsy society.
  9. OffGrid Thinker

    Energy Source

    I love that Sunflower solar set up. I think using regular solar panels on the roof is a safer way to go, less moving parts and much lower chance that something will get out of order. But Sunflower is looking so good and modern! I hope to see one of those on your project.
  10. OffGrid Thinker

    Contact information

    So far, lines of communication with Resilient Plan B worked well. Was able to get in contact with them using email to schedule phone conversation. But like it often happens during calls you forget many things that you want to ask and realize that only later. I guess using the forum is actually an excellent idea and may benefit others too. At this moment not many people are participating, but I think this may change at some point.
  11. OffGrid Thinker

    Inspired by ReGen Villages idea?

    Like always, Regen Villages does not have much coverage on their progress. Why do they drag their feet? Is it hard to provide a bit more information on their website? Is anyone out there that knows what is going on with the pilot project in EU?
  12. OffGrid Thinker

    Dome Homes

    Steve, thank you for taking the time to answer. I like the idea of a dome home a lot. You are right; this type of a house will last a long time. I will try to search a bit how much local contractors would charge for something like that to build. Of course, if I can find someone that has an experience in building those homes. An idea of DIY is not very appealing to me. I would rather do what I am good at and let the pro do what they are trained to do.
  13. OffGrid Thinker

    Inspired by ReGen Villages idea?

    Oh wow, didn't check this forum for a long time and didn't even expect an answer... There was no news from ReGen Villages for such a long time. Thanks, T Schmidt for posting this letter.
  14. OffGrid Thinker

    Earth sheltered homes

    I am not sure if I would feel comfortable to live in an earth sheltered home. Monolithic built homes sound and look much better. In earth sheltered home, you might feel like you're living in the cellar. Obviously, there are several benefits of living in a home like this, but I guess its not for me.
  15. OffGrid Thinker

    Dome Homes

    Today, finally I had more time to look at these monolithic buildings and watched several videos on Youtube. It seems like they cover more space with less material than any other type of construction. What is the cost to build those per sq feet, considering that not a lot of contractors are available to do the job?