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  1. Thank you! Actually, that makes sense. Being able to communicate is very important. That's one of those things that I know I need to start but keep on putting it off. But I also have another question. Does it make sense to ship my car to Chile? How are the prices on cars in Chile? Does it make sense to pay the cost to ship or is it easier to buy one there?
  2. When I visited Chile and looked at some properties, I found that many had bad accessibility. To get to some properties, we had to drive many kilometers through mud or bad gravel roads. The realtor even showed us a property that was only accessible in summer. Can you tell me what the road is like to your property? Dirt? Gravel? Paved?
  3. Wow, this looks very different but so nice!
  4. What would be the number one thing to bring to Chile. Is there anything that I should prioritize when preparing for a move?
  5. Thank you, Rufina for the answer. Cost for housing sounds very reasonable there. Also, I just had a thought, is it possible to find a furnished house for rent in that area? That may be a somewhat simple solution for us. This way I don't have to deal with buying furniture and setting up something that is just temporary. Regarding the drive, it is ok. I would prefer to have a long drive but to be in a decent place.
  6. Any plans to develop a resilient subdivision down south in Chile near the lakes? I like the area near Villarica and Pucon; it is beautiful there. Or is there any other places in Chile where you are planning to build in the near future?
  7. My husband and I are discussing the possibility of relocating to Chile. We can make a living working online, so we could live pretty much anywhere we like. In case for us to build a home there, we would like to move to Chile so we can be there during the construction process. There are several reasons for that. To make sure that things will be done and done properly. Sorry for being so straightforward, but it is hard to trust somebody to get things done in another country. The second reason would be to be involved in construction, to pick the colors, tile, cabinets, etc. I just love to do that, think its fun. I have a few questions regarding the cost of living in the area of the subdivision. How hard is it to find a house for rent, let's say for half a year to a year. What would be the price and could you please describe a bit what kind of house that would be. A safe area is a must!
  8. Another link about their project.
  9. This is a great video explaining sustainable communities very well. Wow, it sounds so much like what you guys are doing Amazing!
  10. What kind of fish will you use in aquaponics?
  11. I can't find any information on your website about the sale price of the lots. How much are you asking for it in this subdivision in Chile?
  12. Hello everyone! Seems like this could become a very interesting forum to be in.