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    Thank you so much, Steve and GoGreen for the questions. Security is an essential subject of a plan B, and we should discuss this up to the reasonable extent. We do not want to share with the whole world everything that we will do here in order to keep residents and their wealth protected. We will have a high-security vault in the clubhouse for all residents with 2 to 3 security boxes per property. In Chile, it is impossible to open a regular checking account in the bank until the residency is established here for at least two years. Do not ask me why... This is one of the worse things in this country. All expats living in Chile have to deal with this somehow. Most people I know, use credit cards or transfer money here using Western Union. I am not a real fan of using bank safety deposit box, but I would be happy to have a chance to have one here. That option is also not available. That is why we decided that this is necessary for our development to have a high-security vault in our clubhouse. Some people may use this location for permanent living; some will keep this as a plan B retreat. In either case, a security box in the vault near your house will be beneficial. That is an excellent place to keep important paperwork. Also, I think people should have a reasonable amount of gold reserves in their safety boxes plus some cash in local currency. However, I would strongly advise not to go overboard with the amounts. In person, I can suggest what other options are available. The important thing is to have reserves in the country where you establish your plan B. Is there any guarantee that credit cards and money transfer services will always work? I see no problem having vault possessions insured. I have an experience dealing with the appropriate insurance company. One of the businesses I own, until recently had a bank vault with hundreds of safety deposit boxes. Like no one else I know that there is a considerable need for a secure place for people to store gold or silver. My customers always looked for a safe spot to store their wealth. I can talk freely about this now; we already closed that location. I know what the insurance company wants to see to provide insurance for a vault and how to get the best rate. In fact, the vault at my business was approved up to the best possible rate by the representative of the Lloyds of London. Now regarding personal safety... The location we picked is very private and off the beaten path. Unless you know the place, it will be hard to find. Property surrounded by large tracts of land with a small river on the back of the property. The access to the subdivision is at the dead end of an unnoticeable road. Plus we have friendly neighbors that are watching over the property for us that live there permanently for the last 40 years. They already proved on few occasions that they are good people. We are trying to keep a perfect relationship with locals, and they are happy to get some work from us that pays a bit better than they can get in the area. When connections like that are established, it provides an extra layer of security. At the same time, the property is in a tourist destination area, with impressive vineries and beautiful views and just 25 min drive to the beach. For groceries, a small town is only 6-7 miles away. And if you want to go to a large town, Santiago is under 3 hours drive away. I do not see any threats to residents here. Of course, this is South America, and we always have to watch out. But I can say our property is located in one of the best parts of it. Plus we do have a plan in place how to protect residents property when they are here or absent, because some people may choose for the subdivision management to rent their property for short-term vacation rental. There is a reason why we called our project a Resilient Plan B. D Koshuba, Founder, ResilientPlanB.com
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