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    This is a letter I got from ReGen Villages in my email this morning. I will just copy and paste it below. Dear ReGen Villages friends and family, Although it may seem we have been quiet the past few months, we wanted to let you know that behind the scenes we have been working diligently on bringing ReGen Villages to life in the Netherlands and beyond to our other Northern Europe (Sweden, Denmark, Norway, UK) and U.S. initiatives. Designing and building the neighborhood of the future means on-going dialog with government officials locally, regionally and nationally – especially in our path to provide the right mix of housing types at a variety pricing levels that can deliver on the promise of affordable and approachable avenues for families to purchase or rent into our diverse, multi-generational communities.. ReGen Villages Almere, Netherlands We are happy to say that our negotiations with government officials have been very productive and fruitful to our aims of following all the rules, while also presenting strategies that benefit other family and group initiators in the Oosterwold district, in ways that make us a good neighbor in this growing area of like-minded families. We shifted our ground ceremony this summer to later Q4 2017 with the first homes becoming available for residence by early summer of 2018, because of our absolute commitment to designing a true neighborhood of the future, where autonomous mobility with car-free zones, extended water features for resiliency and recreation, and an updated master plan with innovative energy-positive housing units (made with sustainable and circular economic materials) can be realized for all budgets. Exciting momentum on all fronts ReGen Villages is partnering with one of the top real estate development companies in the Netherlands, with a respected name in bringing beautiful neighborhoods to life. This past summer we selected the best-in-class technology platform partners, who are leading the way at the nexus of food, water, energy + waste-to-resource management systems. We also have some very exciting announcements on our integration of electric shared mobility resources with one of the world’s largest and trusted automakers, bringing autonomous transport into every day life. The past few months we have also established significant banking relationships for entire project financing and green mortgage offers for prospective home buyers with the most sustainable banks, as well as moving our Blockchain neighborhood economic system forward. We have a clear vision and plans for creating ReGen Villages in Almere/Oosterwold and beyond to global scale. Living within nature and not separate from it by building resilient and regenerative neighborhoods as the only logical way forward for the future of humanity during dynamically changing environmental and economic times. Coming soon In the next few weeks we will reach out to our Almere, Netherlands future resident list.. We will commence the phase of introducing a selection of housing types, floor plans and cost ranges. Then we will engage with families directly to walk through their interests and needs during the selection process to become part of our pilot community. We are grateful for your continued excitement, enthusiasm and support! Very kind regards, ReGen Villages Team
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    My last link did not work. Anyone who wants to know more about Monolithic Dome Homes can find it here: http://www.monolithic.org/
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    Typically a Dome home is going to cost more initially to build but will more than pay for itself, in the long run. Think about what we want: Earthquake resistant Super insulated Air and water tight Solar gains optimized Geothermal heated Heat recovery ventilated Energy and water independent Energy efficient Termite resistant Mold resistant I would like to think that if I am going to invest in a sustainable home, I want it to last "forever," with as little maintince as possible over the life of the home. I am just one voice but I would be willing to beat dollars to donuts, that the more homes we contracted to build at one time, in one place, the easier we could negotiate a far better price for us all. I really like the idea of never having to replace the roof or the siding or insulation in the attic. Concrete structures are meant to last. With the insulation built into the "walls and roof", you will never need to add more or be concerned with UV rays or settling of paper or fiberglass insulation Another possibility would be to make a great big dome, which could house all of us with a common area in the center used for any number of things. Add geothermal energy, radiant heated floors Heat recovery vents, and passive solar orientation, trombe walls, an indoor swimming pool for exercise, water storage, and a heat sink, several solar panels and a windmill-water pumping well and we would be well on our way to meeting our goals. I am also thinking that a combination of homes, apartments, condominiums, surrounding a community center (large dome) in the middle could also work. I would like to see the community center be part pool, part greenhouse, a meeting area, a theater, a drug store & doctor’s office, and a place to trade what you have for what you need. It may sound like I am a salesperson but nothing could be farther from the truth. Dome homes offer training to teach you how to do it yourself. Now that is an idea I could get behind! Steve
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