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  2. I was looking at this website for some time lately. At some point, would want to visit and check it out. Wanted to share with you guys what is essential for me in a subdivision like this. It must have security measures in place, like code protected community gate and security personnel on site. Security of vacant property is a significant aspect that can make or break the deal.
  3. Dylan66


    Hello everybody!
  4. Rufina

    Greetings from Alabama!

    Welcome to the forum GreenThumb! No, nothing in Alabama at this time!
  5. Hi, I am from Alabama! Do you have a project like that in my state?
  6. Stephen

    From Washington State

    We're in Port Angeles, WA near Olympic National Park on the Olympic Peninsula. Not an ad, but this is our website if you want to check out pictures. I'm excited to see these sustainable developments around the world. I'm hopeful that one day I can be a part of creating or maintaining one. 🙂
  7. Rufina

    From Washington State

    Oh wow, we have been to Washington many times. It's a beautiful and a very green state! My kids love the Great Wolf Lodge near Olympia. Welcome to the forum! We will be glad if you can share your experience with us on this forum. Or let us know if you have any questions! Where in Washington are you located? We are very often in that area and would like to maybe check out your off-grid project one day!
  8. I'm Stephen. We manage a small b&b with organic farm and aquaponics. Our goal is to be off grid by 2020, and we definitely understand the challenges of retrofitting an older property to be more energy efficient and sustainable. I've always been fascinated by the dream of creating a truly sustainable community. When I ran across Resilient Plan B, I thought the concept and location are interesting. I'm excited to hear more about it as the project progresses and learn of ways I might be able to help. Thanks for sharing the vision with us!
  9. Rufina

    Update for the project

    Be patient, as construction will start we will post pictures....soon!
  10. OffGrid Thinker

    Update for the project

    Thanks, Rufina. Is it possible to share some pictures from the property? It would be nice to see how things are getting developed there.
  11. Rufina

    Update for the project

    Hello OffGrid Thinker, Yes, you are right. Recently we didn't have much activity on the board and there have been no new blogs posted. However, the activity on the forum is up to the readers. We are here to answer their questions. Once we will post progress on the project, I think it will ignite more interest and more questions. I am sorry it took me a few days to answer your question, but I was traveling abroad. No worries, let me assure you, the project is happening. I will tell the owner to take the time and write some more blogs. He was busy overseeing the activity on the property. Old structures had to be removed, the roads are being developed and the perimeter fences are being improved. Thank you so much for your question.
  12. OffGrid Thinker

    Update for the project

    I would like to know what has been happening lately with this project. Occasionally I come back to this website to see how things are progressing. For the last few months very little activity on the board, no new blog posts delivered to my email. I hope this project is still happening. Please let us know! Thank you
  13. Rufina

    Conection to the grid?

    No, we do not offer a connection to the grid. The purpose of the Resilient Plan B is to be off-grid and sustainable. We do not want to depend on anybody for electricity or water...
  14. I understand that your subdivision is a green community, that you have an off-grid concept, but let's say if I wanted to be connected to the grid as a backup. Would that be possible?
  15. Rufina

    Hello to all!

    Thank you, Don! Welcome to the forum!
  16. Rufina

    Natural disasters in Chile

    Hello Don, these are very valid concerns! I am glad to say that when the location of the property was picked, all those aspects have been calculated. The beach is only a 25 min drive but over some hills. The lowest point of the property is at the 100 meters above sea level, so tsunami triggered flooding is not a concern and volcanos are way over 100 kilometers away.
  17. Hello, I would like to know if the property is located in a natural disaster zone? I understand that an earthquake can happen anywhere in Chile, but I am more concerned about tsunamis, volcanos of flood zones. Is it close to any of those?
  18. Hi, you guys have an amazing vision!
  19. Hello Beth, Welcome to the forum. This topic is for introductions only. Please find the right topic for this kind of conversation. Also, I was wondering, are you looking to partner with us or are you trying to advertise to our readers? Looking forward to your answer.
  20. Hi there! If you'd like to be a partner in Abundance Gardens, please get in touch with us. We're looking for an experienced gardener, entrepreneur, and another quirky visionary who actually believes the world is not going to hell in a hand-basket. The opportunities of abundance are never-failing. Thanks for being here! IMG_0742.MOV IMG_1247.MOV IMG_1257.MOV IMG_1328.MOV IMG_1356.MOV IMG_1882 (1).MOV
  21. Rufina

    Tiny homes on wheels

    Hello MrFoster, In the States, there are quite a lot of nice tiny homes on wheels available for sale, and recently they became so popular. Here in Chile, I have not seen them at all. A tiny home on wheels would be acceptable for a temporary solution while construction is going on, but we would not allow tiny homes on wheels permanently on the property. Coming here and building a tiny home on wheels doesn't seem like a good solution when it will only be temporary. Tiny homes are not that cheap to build, even if you do it yourself. It makes more sense to build a permanent home, even if it is only a small one.
  22. MrFoster

    Tiny homes on wheels

    Will you guys allow tiny homes on wheels in your subdivision?
  23. If you want you can get dirty and press some wine with your feet.
  24. Besides wine tasting, there are also many food, crafts and souvenirs stands.
  25. This Wine festival called "Fiesta de la Vendimia Colchagua" is the biggest event in Santa Cruz. Many wine lovers meet at the Santa Cruz Plaza de Armas and enjoy tasting wine from 14 wineries, that make up the Colchagua Valley. Santa Cruz gets packed with tens of throusands of people durig that celebration weekend.
  26. One of the many interesting things that I learned was that Vina Santa Cruz is the first and for now the only vineyard of this size to be off-grid. They use solar power for energy. They recycle glass and reuse the waste from wine production.
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