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  2. HI eveyone!

    Hello MrFoster! Welcome to this Forum!
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    Welcome! I will be glad to answer all I can!
  4. Earthquake-proof house

    It's better to stay away from concrete and brick houses. Steel and wood houses are safer in earthquakes.
  5. HI eveyone!

    Hello to all! Interesting forum here!
  6. Earthquake-proof house

    I want to share a very simple way to improve earthquake-proof properties of the house. Attach drywall and plywood/OSB with glue in addition to screws. Makes house so much stronger.
  7. Hello

    Hi, I just signed up. Hoping to find some answers to questions that I have.
  8. Off the grid greenhouse

    An off the grid greenhouse is a very good idea. High prices of high-quality organic food reflect much more than the cost of growing. A large portion of it is shipping, transportation, and energy costs as well as distribution markups. An off the grid greenhouse set up cancels out all of those unnecessary expenses. And this becomes truly an "eat local" deal.
  9. Earthquake-proof house

    One of the ways to build a home more resistant to earthquakes is to use the "base isolation" technology. This is when the structure is detached from the foundation and the layer between them is done with a more flexible material like a mixture of rubber and steel. When an earthquake happens and the ground shakes, because of the isolation bearings the building stays in place or moves only slightly.
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  11. I agree! Also, I think what is very important that when owners want to implement something new, that they don't have to get all 100% of property owners to agree. I think it should be a majority like 75% of people, but not all. Sometimes a good change needs to be made, and only one or two owners can veto the whole process.
  12. I consider major issues to be things like : Are mobile homes allowed? Is vacation rental allowed? How many structures are allowed on one lot? And little, unimportant things are: How many pets can I have? The trampoline cover has to be black only! Walking dogs before 7 am is prohibited! What color flowers are allowed in the front yard?
  13. What do you consider as "major" things and what do you think are "little, unimportant" things?
  14. In the restrictions, I would like to see only major things addressed. I would not like to see the HOA govern over little, unimportant issues.
  15. As a home owner, I would like to have access to the financial books. If money is handled in an improper way, the home owners have a chance to catch it early on and avoid big losses. It always seems strange to me if the HOA is not willing to share what is going on financially.
  16. Off the grid greenhouse

    Yes, usually greenhouses consume a lot of energy. However, there are many ways to lower the consumption need. I currently live in a house that is completely powered by solar panels, and we are even selling the surplus to the grid. For our heating needs, we are using a geothermal system. We use solar water heating panels to heat the water in the water heater. Similar systems will be used for the greenhouse. It is much more effective to control the temperature in the greenhouse by heating or cooling the water in the aquaponics beds using geothermal system vs. conventional ways of doing it. We would like to hear your ideas on how to build an off-grid greenhouse. Does anyone know any other effective ways to do it?
  17. Earthquake-proof house

    Even though I understand the concept in general, I am not able to explain the construction part in detail. I asked this to be addressed in the blog, and the answers are coming soon. While we are waiting for that, do any of you have any great ideas how to build an earthquake-proof house?
  18. Hello

    Welcome! Glad to see you joined the board!
  19. I am a real estate agent and I have buyers that insist "No HOA", so we go and view homes in non-HOA subdivisions, and then they complain: "I can't believe that someone would paint their house this ugly color!" "I don't like to look at the huge boat parked in the neighbor's driveway!" "Does everybody in this area here have a project car in their driveway?" "Why do they have 2 tiny houses on wheels parked in their backyard? Is it a mobile home park?" But after that, they still insist that they want to live in a subdivision where there is no HOA. People just love to hate the HOA, and yet, they can not live without. Just keep the rules in the subdivision fair and people will benefit while still complaining about it.
  20. Hello

    Hi, I am from Olympia, Washington.
  21. Hello from Texas

    Welcome Kevin, I see that you are from Texas and I hope the events in Houston area are not affecting you. Stay safe!
  22. A properly run and managed HOA can be a very good thing, and a poorly managed HOA can be a disaster. Many problems arise when homeowners stop attending HOA meetings. Often good people from neighborhood sit home and do nothing and sore losers get on board of directors and start terrorizing everyone.
  23. Earthquake-proof house

    Buildings in Chile better be made earthquake-proof. Could you please explain a little how this will be achieved in your construction.
  24. Off the grid greenhouse

    I have a question about the greenhouse. The way I understand you are building off the grid community. How will that work with a greenhouse? In your video, I can see that you will have solar panels on top of a greenhouse, but aquaponics requires lots of energy. I think that it will not be enough to run everything just on solar. Thanks in advance for your answer.
  25. Rules should be simple, things a courteous neighbor would normally follow anyways...
  26. Hello, I am Kevin and I live in Texas.
  27. It is important to address the following things: Transparency - I think it's good to let everyone know what is happening in the subdivision via email, newsletters, web, etc. Non-aggressive enforcement - what I mean is if someone complains check it out and then act accordingly. Don't go around looking for violations when no complaint exists. Allow realistic time frames to get fixes done.
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