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  2. Question about RV in the subdivision.

    Kile & off grid thinker, Another possibility might be to find a tiny home , which is a huge new movement. When you done with it stick it in the back yard to rent/lease out.
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  4. Question about RV in the subdivision.

    sCarabane seems like a good self-sufficient temporary housing solution.
  5. Are you hiring?

    If you need someone to take care of your permaculture garden, I would be interested in applying for that position.
  6. Any initiative in Brazil already?
  7. Ola

    Ola from Brazil!
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  9. Look like a much affordable option. The one I posted is just an expensive toy for the super-rich.
  10. Question about RV in the subdivision.

    Kyle, Side note: if you need an areal view of your route and destination, I have a nice Drone with a thermal CG03+ GIMGAL CAMERA. option, with the ST16 Ground Station. It fits into its own carry bag/ backpack. My only rule is "you break it - you buy it." Cost is approx $3000, a bit less than a helicopter would be to replace. We can also use it to check for hot spots which indicate heat loss on our Resilient homes during and after construction. How cool is that? Ref: Yuneec Typhon H Wizard Steve
  11. Question about RV in the subdivision.

    Here is a more cost effective solution more along the lines that I need VS want... I am thinking at a short term solution for a live in an on-site self contained, portable, construction management office that can double as a living space. Easily moved from lot to lot with a reasonable price. Something I expect would not get stuck in the rainy season, and be able to sharing with other owner/ builders on-site again and again-.from lot to lot during construction. Regards, Steve
  12. Accessibility to Resilient Plan B location

    Thank you for the tip! Due to factors beyond my control it's looking a lot like April at this point. Very best, Steve
  13. Ready for that hot tub on the top of the RV? Furrion Elysium luxury RV has it all!
  14. Steve, I am glad to hear that your meeting went well. On airlines, just look for options on Travelocity. In most cases, they gave us the best deals. When flying to Chile from the USA, we usually stopped in Atlanta. I know that there are also direct flights from Maimi, Houston, and LA. Prices from the States are generally higher than from Europe. I liked the nonstop flight from Paris, and it was considerably less than from the US. Regarding what airline... never pay attention to that, whatever option is better. Best regards, Rufina
  15. Accessibility to Resilient Plan B location

    My meeting went well. Do you have experience you can share on which airlines to use? Or is there any choice?
  16. Good Idea Kyle. One reason I like my earth-sheltered passive solar home - it is very quiet. We live on 1.7 acres adjacent to a busy road and rarely hear any traffic except emergency vehicles sirens and Harley Davidsons. with six feet of dirt and concrete walls on three sides, we love our quiet lives. But I do agree noise is very irritating. and should be a concern. Thank you for bringing this up. I'll second that. Steve
  17. Question about RV in the subdivision.

    I'm jealous, if money was no object. Do you have a web site where I can see the interior, features, power plant, fuel?
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  19. Must have a quiet hours policy in place. Some people will have their houses in the rental pool, and permanent residents do not want to regularly hear their neighbor’s loud music, parties, or screaming. If someone does not follow the quiet hour's rules, there must be some punishment in the form of fines. That is going both directions; permanent residents must behave too.
  20. I have a solution for your RV to not to become an eyesore for your neighbors. Buy something like this one. On the other hand... it will be a different kind of eyesore - people will be jealous. Tornado in Chile? Not a chance... But you can always go airborne using that helicopter on top of the RV.
  21. Accessibility to Resilient Plan B location

    Rufina, That sounds fair. I hope to make a trip there sometime in the second half of March. I will contact you before I confirm my travel plans to make sure we have time to get together and see what is, and what will be. Very best, Steve I will be busy untill at least the 15th. I will return to see how things are going in a couple weeks.
  22. Hello Steve, Currently, we are not disclosing the location of the project. We want to wait until more is developed and we are ready to launch the sale. Of course, if someone is already in Chile and wants to check out the property, as some have already done, they can contact us by email and we can coordinate a showing
  23. Accessibility to Resilient Plan B location

    Dear Rufina, I don't suppose you would provide Longitude and Latitude coordinates and/or a google map of the property with directions from the Santiago airport would you? If not. when will you please make this available? I really want to see it for myself! Very Best, Steve Just FYI, here is the 10 day forcast for Santiago.: DAY DESCRIPTION HIGH / LOW PRECIP WIND HUMIDITY TODAY FEB 5 Partly Cloudy 85°60° 0% SSW 13 mph 51% TUE FEB 6 Sunny 86°60° 0% SSW 14 mph 57% WED FEB 7 Sunny 86°58° 0% SSW 14 mph 52% THU FEB 8 Sunny 85°58° 0% SSW 14 mph 47% UV INDEX SUNRISE SUNSET MOONRISE MOONSET Extreme 7:11 am 8:41 pm 1:28 am 3:13 pm A mainly sunny sky. High around 85F. Winds SSW at 10 to 20 mph. THU NIGHT FEB 8 Clear --58° 0% S 13 mph 53% UV INDEX SUNRISE SUNSET MOONRISE MOONSET 0 of 10 7:11 am 8:41 pm 1:28 am 3:13 pm Clear. Low 58F. Winds S at 10 to 20 mph. FRI FEB 9 Sunny 86°58° 0% S 14 mph 39% SAT FEB 10 Sunny 87°59° 0% S 13 mph 25% SUN FEB 11 Sunny 88°60° 0% S 12 mph 23% MON FEB 12 Sunny 89°60° 0% S 13 mph 27% TUE FEB 13 Sunny 86°59° 0% S 13 mph 33% WED FEB 14 Sunny 87°60° 0% S 12 mph 31%
  24. From a highway, you will have to take a smaller paved road and drive about 4 kilometers. After that 300-400 meters of dirt road until you enter the property. The section from the highway was just paved in December 2017. We are very happy about it because before it was a dirt road in bad condition.
  25. Sophia, sorry, I have overlooked your last question somehow. Regarding shipping your auto to Chile. I do not have personal experience to give you qualified advice. However, based on the research that we have done, it is too complicated and costly to do it. The prices here are about the same on some cars and for some, slightly higher. Just save your time and energy, you will be able to find plenty of options here. Prices on cheap vehicles in Chile are overall higher. In the US you will have much more options. If you are buying something for let's say USD 10K and higher, you will be ok. Be careful and have someone to assist you. Most cars will have their odometer adjusted to get a better price. Stay away from any red trucks, those are used in mining here, and after a few years, they try to dump those to the market. Just make sure you have a trusted mechanic help you with your purchase. Hope this will help, good luck.
  26. Thank you! Actually, that makes sense. Being able to communicate is very important. That's one of those things that I know I need to start but keep on putting it off. But I also have another question. Does it make sense to ship my car to Chile? How are the prices on cars in Chile? Does it make sense to pay the cost to ship or is it easier to buy one there?
  27. When I visited Chile and looked at some properties, I found that many had bad accessibility. To get to some properties, we had to drive many kilometers through mud or bad gravel roads. The realtor even showed us a property that was only accessible in summer. Can you tell me what the road is like to your property? Dirt? Gravel? Paved?
  28. Type of fish

    Thank you very much!
  29. Type of fish

    Hello Steve, Sorry, I couldn't get to it earlier, but I have finally changed your profile picture.
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