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Resilient Plan Blog

A vital element of a Resilient Home is installing mechanical ventilation system with heat or energy recovery (MVHR). In the super-insulated and airtight house, it is critical to provide 100% fresh air all year round for its residents. In conventional new construction, a ventilation system always comes preinstalled in the form of many small gaps and cracks that drafts and leak air in and out of a house. Some may argue that this is better because it is "free" and no additional mechanical ventilation system is needed.

In reality, it's not free at all. An average house built in the USA right now has around six air changes per hour at 50 Pascals of pressure. And slowly but surely money will leak out of your pockets and disappear into thin air.

In my blog about metal framing, I mentioned that metal frame has two main problems. The first one is thermal bridging which leads to heat loss, condensation, and the subsequent corrosion.

Another issue is the performance of lightweight cold-formed steel buildings during a fire. During extensive heat from the fire, metal frame will lose its ability to support loads which may lead to sudden failure of the structure.

When the issues discussed above are resolved, a metal frame is an ideal choice of a resilient material for your house. In the previous blog, I explained how we address the concern of metal frame performance during a fire with the use of MgO boards throughout the house.

Today, I will explain how the problem with thermal bridging can be solved and how the right solution could turn disadvantages into the more significant strength advantage of a Resilient Home.

The majority of people in the United States have never heard about the Magnesium Oxide Board, but this is actually quite an impressive material to use in construction. In fact, MgO represents the most significant technological jump in the building industry since the invention of drywall.

Let me explain in simple terms what the MgO Board is and what it is made out of.

Pure magnesium is a silvery metal, somewhat like aluminum, but lighter. In raw form, it is flammable and not stable. It is widely used to make flares and fireworks. Also, it is used as an alloy for lightweight, high-performance structures like airplanes or racecars.

A little over a week ago I was on a flight from Boston to Santiago, Chile with a layover in Bogota. The path of the plane was right above the center of Cuba.

The flight had a rough ride; hurricane Irma was only a short distance away, and we were flying just in front of its path. I was a bit surprised that we even got that close to the center of the storm. I thought a bigger detour would make sense, but I guess for the sake of fuel savings we were in for a harsh, bumpy experience.

However, despite all of that irregular shaking and bouncing it was pretty comfortable inside of the plane - it was built to withstand that kind of environment.

In my thoughts, I felt sorry for all those people who were about to feel the fury of a category five hurricane. It was sad to realize that in just a short amount of time homes of thousands of people would be damaged, shredded into pieces or flooded.

Today I want to share with you what I think is essential for the completion of your Resilient Plan B, even though directly, it has nothing to do with your hideaway place.  It's the last crucial step that must be implemented before anything happens.

It is having an appropriate amount of money reserves on hand for life’s unexpected events or upcoming expenses that often arise in times when people find themselves in the turbulent situation and their normal life may depend on the existence of a Resilient Plan B.

Most individuals who are interested in setting up their plan B are aware of the importance of keeping monetary reserves for a rainy day.

I just want to remind everyone about the importance of keeping real financial reserves vs. the fake stuff, because in the world we live in today the majority of people cannot comprehend this idea anymore.

And to be honest, people are misled by many stereotypes they see and hear in media, not only in the monetary field. That should not be surprising at all - you are what you eat.

We are passionate about green eco-conscious living, healthy lifestyles,
and innovative construction technologies.
We would love to have you join us on our journey
as we share our experiences.